Jalopy Hour
TV Pilot
+ The Lion Still Has Wings -DVD
“It has been eighty years since Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali made their sixteen-minute film “Un Chien Andalou,” and in that time nobody has dared attempt a companion piece. Now thanks to O’Toole + Plansker, that unapproachable relic from 1929 no longer has to stand alone.” - Seattle Post Globe

As an evolution to the radio broadcast “What Balcony”, Jalopy Hour was born. A concept for a TV pilot where each city of the US was to be an episode of a fifty episode atlas. Starting in New Orleans 1997, the asymetrical edit unfolds like a collision of Monty Python and WC Fields. Lord Buckley meets Little Lord Fontleroy. Included in this disc set is a rich B&W booklet of production stills, outtakes and the bonus film “The Lion Still Has Wings”, made by Plansker + O’Toole for the Sony Dreams invitational film series.